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            “I learned who I am as an artist, and I know what I want to share, those frames are windows to a different space that was initially created in my mind and I hope that people can see through these windows with their own eyes, bringing joy, happiness equilibrium to where they are.” 

Renata Athanasio


2-10 December 2022 – Al Wahda Mall Art Exhibiton celebrating UAE 

National day 51 – Abu Dhabi

3-4 December 2022 – Art&crafts – Ehtifal Al Emarat 2022 – Abu Dhabi

24-25 March 2022 – ArtSmiley Gallery – DIFC Arts Nights 2022 – Dubai

16-19 March 2022 – ArtSmiley Gallery – World Art Dubai 2022 – Dubai

28 Fev - 28 May 2022 – Festival of Arts Gallery – “Fight into Innovation” Exhibition 2022 –           Dubai Festival City Mall

24-27 Nov 2021 – ArtSmiley Gallery – NoFilterDXB 2021 Exhibition – Dubai

27 Sep - 03 Oct 2021 - ArtSmiley Gallery - ADIHEX Exhibition 2021 - Abu Dhabi

7-10 April 2021 – ArtSmiley Gallery - World Art Dubai 2021 - Dubai

            Renata Athanasio always had a link with design and arts. The studies and professional life in Architecture were the base that allowed her not to be afraid of a white paper or canvas.

            Throughout the different buildings designed, looking for harmony and function, or the different spaces conceived for a better life, the creativity and the free hand sketches started to become part of what Renata has into her artwork. With the migration from Architecture to painting, the lines and the view of space got transported from the physical world to the unlimited expressions allowed in a canvas.

            Living in 3 continents and travelled in many countries has also contributed to the diverse expression in her work. While living in Paris, having  access to an incredible amount of expositions and a diverse pool of museums worked out as a charger for what was coming in her way. Being able to study and practice painting with wonderful artists was an incentive that was missing to accept the true passion as a choice of life.

            In Saudi Arabia, the willingness to share this passion with others made she engage as a painting teacher and share her view of colors and shapes with others. Her work got fueled-up, and like gasoline on fire, her desire to produce new work every day only grows stronger.


Art Competitions

2-10 December 2022 – Al Wahda Mall Art Competition Finalist – Abu Dhabi

29 November 2022 – Shortlited for Zeman Awwal Annual Contest 2022 – UAE Content Mall of Emirates – Dubai


Festival of Arts Gallery - Dubai Festival City Mall - UAE

ArtSmiley Gallery – Abu Dhabi - UAE


3-4 December 2022 – Guinness World Records 2022 Official Attempt Most Nationalities in a

Art Lesson – Ehtifal Al Emarat 2022 – Abu Dhabi

2 Dec 2021 – Selected for the Open Call of Celebrating UAE National Day Through Art by Art&Lusso Online Magazine (

Art Smiley World Art Dubai (

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